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1 Designer Theme
The designer theme is a great new sub theme for Uikitty. 603
2 Projects stats Module
Are you a module or theme developer? Have you created several modules or theme and you want to see them all in one place? Probably not. But if you, for some reason need to display a number of downloads for a list of modules and/or themes then you should try out this module. Projects stats provides a block, which displays a table with project names and downloads count for selected modules and/or themes. 29
3 Browscap Module
Browscap provides an improved version of PHP's get_browser() function. 146 466
4 ARCHITECT - A design savvy sub-theme for Uikitty Theme
ARCHITECT is an ongoing effort to create a unique, visually appealing theme that takes a new approach to navigation. We created the Architect with simplicity in mind and background images that allow architectural features(background photos) to stand out. 689
5 Field tools Module
A collection of useful UI tools for working with fields. 37 134
6 Custom Permissions Module
This very light-weight module allows additional permissions to be created and managed through a administration form. It uses the menu access system to allow or dissalow access to it. 43 581
7 Apsis mail Module
Interacts with the Apsis mailing list REST api. 2 026
8 OpenCRM Kickstart Distribution
OpenCRM Kickstart is a Panopoly based distribution with a built in Open CRM system. 6 152
9 Geocoder autocomplete Module
Geocoder autocomplete provides an autocomplete widget for textfields via the Google Geocoder API. 8 737
10 Uikitty - UIkit for Drupal 8 Theme
Faster and less bloated than Bootstrap. A lightweight and modular front-end framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces with Drupal 8.x 2 599
11 FortyTwo - Administration theme Theme
FortyTwo Administration theme is a well balanced Drupal 8 admin theme, designed with the content editor in mind, making Drupal an attractive option for users and editors. 348
12 Video Embed Field Module
Video Embed field creates a simple field type that allows you to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo and show their thumbnail previews simply by entering the video's url. 299 087
13 Entity Browser Module
Goal of this module is to provide a generic entity browser/picker/selector. It can be used in any context where one needs to select few entities and do something with them. 69 750
14 Site Settings and Labels Module
This module provides a way to let clients manage settings you define without affecting the configuration of the site (ie, as 'Content'). It does the following: 182
15 Commerce Worldline Module
16 simplify_menu Module
The Simplify_menu module uses a TwigExtension to gain access to Drupal's main menu's (or any other menu for that matter), render array so it can be accessed from a twig template. Among the many advantages of having full control of the menu's render array in a twig template is the ability to customize the markup for your menus to ensure they are accessible and comply with standards. 0
17 Client-side hierarchical select Module
A simple client-side hierarchical select widget for taxonomy terms. 10 081
18 Acquia Content Hub Module
Acquia Content Hub enables the distribution and discovery of content from any source to create engaging multi-channel digital experiences. 3 052
19 Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) Module
The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) project provides integration with LDAP for authentication, user provisioning, authorization, feeds, and views. It also provides apis and building blocks (query and server configuration storage) for other modules. 483 185
20 LDAP Single Sign On Module
The LDAP Single Sign-On module provides an administrator with the ability to configure a Drupal site to use either NTLM or Kerberos to authenticate Drupal users. 3 167
21 Message Private Module
The Message Private module provides a message type and associated entity reference fields, enabling sending and receiving private messages using The Message Stack. 0
22 Office appointments Module
Appointments is a configurable module that lets you set a calendar (days and active hours) and receive reservations requests for the available dates, for different offices. 0
23 Elasticsearch Connector Module
Elasticsearch Connector is a set of modules designed to build a full Elasticsearch eco system in Drupal. It is using the official Elasticsearch PHP library. You can also view the github repo. One of the biggest companies are using Elasticsearch for big data - check this out. The ambitions of this module is to help Drupal handle big data at any kind and make it scalable. You can find more about Elasticsearch here - 17 442
24 Shorten URLs Module
This module provides an API to shorten URLs via many services like and TinyURL (over 15 services are available by default), as well as a block and a page that provide an interface for easily shortening URLs, and a block that displays a shortened URL for the current page for easy copying. 172 366
25 Paybox Module
This module offers a function which will return the path and query to the payment page: paybox_pay($cents, $order_id, $payer_email, $destination = '', $devise = 'euro') The returned array can be used as $form_state['redirect'] in a form submit function. It also provides a hook to manage payment status (currently no public key verification though, so that only info from is fully reliable). 1 619
26 Drupal 8 Parallax Theme Theme
Drupal 8 Parallax Theme is a professional Multipurpose Drupal 8 theme contributed by the Zymphonies team. Clean and mobile-first responsive theme. It has many advanced features like custom slider, 15+ regions, smooth animation etc. Well organized written CSS styles, Coded with clean modular Sass. 0
27 Message Subscribe Module
Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to 69 441
28 Uikit 3 Theme
UIkit 3 is the newest version of UIkit. Learn Uikit, check out UIkitty which is Uikit on Drupal, then when you're done getting warmed. Step up to level 3. Uikit 3 has some interesting new features. 0
29 Menu Breadcrumb Module
This module allows you to use the menu the current page belongs to for the breadcrumb, generating breadcrumbs from the titles of parent menus. In the Drupal 6 and 7 version, you may also: 351 047
30 Simply | Drupal 8 Theme Theme
Simply - A Drupal Blogging Theme For Developers For Drupal 8 102
31 CSV to Config Module
This module converts CSV to configuration. It is very useful when you need to create a large number of configurations. 0
32 Bootstrap responsive wrappers Module
Bootstrap responsive wrappers module adds a new filter in your input formats that checks the content and adds the video wrapper for responsive videos with 16/9 ratio aspect, the table wrapper and the Image class. 415
33 Range Module
#D8CX: I pledge that Range will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released. 19 448
34 Filter field list Module
This module adds filtering capability on the Field list ( /admin/reports/fields ) page. Now you can filter field items based on Field type, Field and Bundle. This module would be useful if there are many fields used in the site. 333
35 Shariff Social Media Buttons Module
This module implements the Shariff social media buttons library by heise online: 3 243
36 Commerce Variation Cart Form Module
This module provides an add-to-cart form for individual Commerce Product Variation entities. The form is added to the Product Variation "manage display" tab as a field, and uses the standard Commerce add-to-cart form functionality. 0
37 Image Annotator [Annotorious] Module
Image Annotator module allows users to annotate on node images. 61
38 Protected File Module
Protected file module provide a new field type which extends File field and permit to enable/disable for each file the possibility to prevent users to download the file, if they don't have the right permission. 0
39 Emulsify Theme
Component-driven prototyping tool using Pattern Lab v2 automated via Gulp/NPM. Also serves as a starterkit Drupal 8 theme. 141
40 Javascript Timer Module
The oldest of all of the 'jquery countdown timer' modules! The Javascript Timer module provides a timer api that can hook html elements to javascript widget objects. This is useful if you want a moving timer/clock or a widget that updates every second. It comes with widgets for a count-down timer, a count-up timer, and a clock. It uses jQuery and a single event loop to handle as many timers as you need on a single page. 23 499
41 Leaflet countries Module
When dealing with country data its useful to be able to highlight a country or a set of countries on a map. This module provides a field formatter which can display a single country highlighted on a map. It also integrates with Views which allows you to highlight your country based nodes as countries on a map. 44
42 Venga Gateway Connect for Drupal Module
Venga Gateway Connect for Drupal is Venga’s integration solution for a fast, efficient, and error free website translation process. Venga Gateway Connect seamlessly integrates with your Drupal Installation to eliminate copy & paste and error prone email transfers. This integration gives your team full access to Venga’s suite of resources including the network of qualified linguists and subject matter experts, knowledge management tools and assets, and the Venga Gateway Client Portal, customized to solve your unique project and budget tracking needs. 59
43 Leaflet TopoJSON Module
TopoJSON is an extension of GeoJSON that encodes topology. Rather than representing geometries discretely, geometries in TopoJSON files are stitched together from shared line segments called arcs. Read more about the TopoJSON format. 0
44 Add To Calendar Module
Add to Calendar Module integrates 'Add to Calendar' button provided by which supports iCalender, Google Calendar, Outlook, Outlook Online and Yahoo Calendar. It's basically a thirdparty field formatter setting available for datetime field formatters. 1 174
45 Sticky Navigation Module
Sticky Navigation allows to select any element (preferably a navigation menu) and make it stay on top of the page on any theme while you scroll down further down the page. 9 719
46 Contact Storage Export Module
This module provides a simple export operation automatically for messages from each created contact form. It exports all fields and base data about the submission (such as logged in user and date submitted). It also handles fields that allow multiple options to be selected. This module requires Contact Storage. 2 460
47 Automatic User Names Module
This module disables the "Username" field on user registration and user edit forms and generates a username automatically using a token or module provided pattern. The pattern could therefore be based on other profile fields (like first/last name), a regex version of their email address or a random string. 9 085
48 DrupalChat Module
DrupalChat allows visitors of your Drupal site to chat with each other privately or together in a public chatroom. This module enables sites to provide online support for their products/services, and thereby increases user engagement. Also, it is useful for social networking sites, forums, blogs, etc. It logs the user conversations so that they can be later viewed in message inbox. You can try it out live here. 134 608
49 Date Popup Module
Adds the native HTML 5 date popup widget to all date fields in views filters. 0
50 Varbase: Drupal Bundled with Necessities | Drupal 8 Ready Distribution
Varbase is an enhanced Drupal distribution with a lot of necessities. Necessities are all the modules, features, configurations that we include in every project. 19 403