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1 Drupal core Core
Get started by downloading the official Drupal core files. These official releases come bundled with a variety of modules and themes to give you a good starting point to help build your site. Drupal core includes basic community features like blogging, forums, and contact forms, and can be easily extended by downloading other contributed modules and themes. 25 339 482
2 File Entity Browser UI Testing Distribution
This distribution will build for you Drupal site will all necessary modules and libraries for file_entity_browser UI testing and development. 141
3 aGov Distribution
aGov is a Drupal distribution developed specifically to meet Australian Government website guidelines with aGov 7.3 adhering to the new Digital Service Standard. 150 961
4 Bear Distribution
Bear is a Starter Kit Installation Profile to be used as an alternative to the Minimal or Standard profile when installing a Drupal 7 or Drupal 8 website. 53 045
5 Community Forge - Hamlets Distribution
All the software you need to run a LETS, Timebank or Community Exchange. This distribution is maintained by nonprofit Community Forge which offers free hosting for it. (for some reason 150 installations not included in the count below!) Full french translation is available, other languages partly done. Features in D7 version: 51 155
6 Octane Distribution
A composer-based Drupal 8 starter distribution maintained by Phase2. Currently this project is being developed on GitHub 604
7 HunterYun 猎人云 - 站神社区 Distribution
Sorry, I think I was born for Drupal ! 278
8 Configuration installer Distribution
The Configuration Installer is a installation profile that takes over the Drupal installer and allows sites to be created from existing configuration. 29 541
9 Guardr Distribution
Guardr is a Drupal distribution with a combination of modules and settings to enhance a Drupal application's security and availability to meet enterprise security requirements. 29 556
10 Barrio Distribution Distribution
Stantard distribution made with Bootstrap_Barrio. 98
11 Demo Framework Distribution
The Demo Framework highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community and is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready Drupal solutions. 39 930
12 VRupal Distribution
Open source content management for WebVR. 197
13 Crux Distribution
Crux is a Drupal 8 only distribution which allows you to create powerful edge-to-edge websites using the Paragraphs module. 848
14 Brainstorm profile Distribution
Brainstorm profile is a simple and clean multi-purpose profile based on Brainstorm theme by ADCI Solutions. 8 558
15 Sportsleague Distribution
ABOUT Sports league 3 839
16 Drupal 8 multilingual demo Distribution
Drupal 8 distribution to provide a demonstration of some key multilingual features in this Drupal version. Showcases Drupal 8 core's multilingual functionality within a site scenario similar to a real world setup. 9 831
17 DrucloudAWS Distribution
DruCloud is a distribution of connecting Drupal and AWS, providing a set of module and configurations with tuned performance. 806
18 Twelve Step Distribution Distribution
This is a Drupal 8.x distribution for Twelve Step (AA, Alanon, NA, CA, etc...) Intergroups (Intergroups are also known as Central Offices or Central Service Offices). The distribution should be useful to cities, districts, areas, and states. This project is not sponsored by any organization. It solely exists because of the need to have it. We need to stop inventing the wheel. It was started due to discussions at the National AA Tech Workshop in St Louis in 2015. 80
19 Drupal Origins Distribution
Drupal Origins is a Drupal Quick starter. It is a facilitator to perform a quick and easy extended Drupal installation. User installing Drupal Origins should only be concerned with his website needs at very high level: Performance, Layout, Content edition, Development, Seo & Analytics, etc. Drupal Origins will do the job, choosing the right contributed modules that meet that needs. 18 281
20 DrupalCamp Organizing Distribution Distribution
Drupal 8 distribution to provide a basic key functionality of the Drupal Camp website.This showcases Drupal 8 core's functionality within a site scenario similar to a live drupal camp website. 1 747
21 Drupal Promo Kit Distribution
Drupal Promo Kit is an all-in-one promotional solution based on Drupal 8! 2 552
22 DruStack Distribution
DruStack is a freely available packaged distribution of the open source Drupal system. A collection of most common software from the Drupal community, DruStack provides a quick on-ramp to begin building Drupal websites. 118 854
23 Multipurpose Corporate Profile Distribution
Multipurpose corporate profile is a modern-looking profile by ADCI Solutions. It can be used for professional business and corporate sites, portfolios, events promotions and more. 35 154
24 Fancy Kickstart Distribution
You can either install it via Drush: drush make or try it on If you are lazy it is enough to click the download link. 3 067
25 HyperDrupal Distribution
HyperDrupal is a distribution providing the basis for building a REST API server using Drupal 8. It derives its name from the use of hypermedia API responses, allowing REST API clients to traverse the API in much the same way a human traverses a web page. 2 154
26 just my essential install profile Distribution
This is just my essential install profile. What I do on nearly every fresh Drupal installation. What does it do? 513
27 Drutopia Distribution
Drutopia is a distribution of Drupal that is developed and supported by the Drutopia initiative. Development of Drutopia happens on GitLab and is mirrored here. 314
28 LeadGen Distribution
LeadGen is a Drupal distribution for spinning up websites using Paragraphs and Bootstrap. 1 860
29 Open Restaurant Distribution
The Open Restaurant distribution has everything you need to build your restaurant website. It comes with a menu management system, a customizable blog, events management, support for multiple locations and a responsive theme. 6 348
30 Lightning Distribution
curated by Acquia 85 323
31 SEO Starter Kit Distribution
SEO is one of the most important and difficult parts of the work performed on the site. But despite its complexity SEO solves the same problems from site to site. 8 339
32 Media Development Profile Distribution
This profile is intended for developers who want to work on Media and File Entity. It gets your D7 installation configured to insert images into a text area via CKEditor. 8 441
33 Starter Distribution
Starter distribution contains only commonly used modules. 1 126
34 LISSA Kickstart Distribution
LISSA is an open source technology stack for real time messaging in second screen applications. It allows media providers to publish live and on-demand video streams and push related notifications to clients. 4 288
35 NodeStream Distribution
NodeStream 2 rc2 is out, but can't be built on at this time due to #1871284: Add Epic Editor to the packaging whitelist. The release will be out once it is commited. Fetch it from git in the meantime! 26 232
36 OpenChurch Distribution
The OpenChurch distribution is for churches and ministries. It is a flexible platform with common features for churches that can help streamline development of these websites. 163 306
37 phpEdu Distribution Distribution
This distribution helps you set up a phpEdu Learning Management System (LMS) site, aimed towards a complete Drupal e-learning solution. The new packaging system has created an archive of Drupal core and all dependencies for phpEdu. Simply download, unpack and install. 6 726
38 Omega Install Profile Distribution
This project is the "starterkit" for all Omega projects. 5 068
39 OpenCRM Kickstart Distribution
OpenCRM Kickstart is a Panopoly based distribution with a built in Open CRM system. 6 188
40 Panopoly Distribution
Panopoly is powerful base distribution of Drupal powered by lots of Chaos Tools and Panels magic. The distribution is designed to be both a general foundation for site building and a base framework upon which to build other Drupal distributions (see Drupalcon Portland video) or check out some of its key features (see full list): 163 359
41 Project Kickstart Distribution
The main purpose of Project Kickstart distribution is to start the Drupal project development quickly with the best recommended libraries / modules / themes. Site builders can also use this distribution as it has features like responsive design for mobile devices, in-place content editing, pre-configured CKEditor WYSIWYG tool! 15 072
42 Thunder Distribution
by Hubert Burda Media 15 311
43 Vagrant Drupal Development Distribution
Vagrant Drupal Development (VDD) is fully configured and ready to use development environment built with VirtualBox, Vagrant, Linux and Chef Solo provisioner. VDD is virtualized environment, so your base system will not be changed and remain clean after installation. You can create as many environments as you wish without any consequences. 26 474
44 Eserai Distribution
This distro will power: 238
45 Varbase: Drupal Bundled with Necessities | Drupal 8 Ready Distribution
Varbase is an enhanced Drupal distribution with a lot of necessities. Necessities are all the modules, features, configurations that we include in every project. 19 599
46 Zircon Profile Distribution
Build any kinds of website with a simple three-column responsive theme. 112 584
47 Enterprise for Everyone Distribution
Quickly build enterprise Drupal applications. 165
48 Spark Distribution
At DrupalCon Denver, Dries Buytaert (project lead) announced the need for a strong focus on Drupal's authoring experience in his State of Drupal presentation. During the core conversation later in the week, the creation of a Drupal 7 distribution named "Spark" (formerly code-named "Phoenix") was announced. The goal of Spark was to act as an incubator for Drupal 8 authoring experience improvements that can be tested in the field. 86 154
49 TeaServer Distribution
TeaServer is a versatile Drupal 8 module for content as a service. 191
50 Diskfree Module
Get a status report at admin/reports/status and a cron-triggered e-mail warning when locally mounted disk space on your Drupal server reaches a preset threshold. 8 534