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51 Pathauto Module
The Pathauto module automatically generates URL/path aliases for various kinds of content (nodes, taxonomy terms, users) without requiring the user to manually specify the path alias. This allows you to have URL aliases like /category/my-node-title instead of /node/123. The aliases are based upon a "pattern" system that uses tokens which the administrator can change. 4 011 535
52 Message Digest Module
Message Digest is a plugin to the Message module which adds the ability to send email messages in a digest format every day or week, rather than on demand. This is useful for sites with too much activity for on demand messages to be useful, or with users who prefer to not get multiple emails a day. 18 205
53 Simple entity merge D8 Module
Simple module that adds a tab for entities that lets you chose a another entity of the same type and merge all the references to this entity to that other entity. 25
54 Message Subscribe Module
Note: Development and issues are handled on GitHub, and code is synced back to 69 708
55 Configuration Update Manager Module
The Configuration Update Manager project contains a base module and a reporting module. 110 019
56 Details Filter Module
Adds a filter that eats input like this and renders a details element: 10
57 CKEditor iFrame Module
This module integrates the CKEditor iFrame Dialog for CKEditor. After installing, you will be able to add a button to the CKEditor toolbar that will allow a user to embed iframe content from YouTube or applications like Google Calendar. 28
58 Acquia Content Hub Module
Acquia Content Hub enables the distribution and discovery of content from any source to create engaging multi-channel digital experiences. 3 626
59 Varbase: Drupal Bundled with Necessities | Drupal 8 Ready Distribution
Varbase is an enhanced Drupal distribution with a lot of necessities. Necessities are all the modules, features, configurations that we include in every project. 19 599
60 Restrict IP Module
This module allows administrators to restrict access to the site to an administrator defined set of IP addresses. Anyone trying to access the site from an IP address not in the list of allowed IP addresses will be redirected to an access denied page with the message "Your address is not in the list of allowed IP addresses". No blocks will be rendered, and no JavaScript will be added to the page. This will happen for any and all pages these users try to access. The module also has various configuration options to whitelist or blacklist pages, bypass IP checking by role, and alter the output when the user is blocked. 9 588
61 Modal Blocks Module
Modal Blocks module displays a block or set of blocks in as popup in a page. 33
62 Responsive Favicons Module
This module adds the favicons generated by to your site. The responsive name comes from the fact that many devices are catered for including iPhone, Android, iPad, other tablets and desktops. 7 318
63 Content First Layouts Module
This module contains content-first panels layouts with the following properties: 16
64 Config Import - Delete Entities Module
Configuration management in D8 is amazing, and saves us a lot of effort. But one annoying thing is when it complains about entities that need to be deleted before a bundle/content-type/entity-type is deleted. When that happens, you cannot import any configurations until you've manually deleted the aforementioned entities. 10
65 Vim Plugin For Drupal Module
This project customizes the vim text editor for editing Drupal-related files. Who needs an IDE? 8 528
66 Acquia Lift Connector Module
Grow Revenue Faster with Digital Experiences that Convert 42 619
67 Wysiwyg Linebreaks Module
Wysiwyg Linebreaks allows users of wysiwyg editors to save and open markup from their website with linebreaks instead of


24 467
68 Devel ladybug Module
This module provides the Ladybug PHP Dumper for use with Devel. 93
69 Config Ignore Module
Ever experienced that your site's configuration was overridden by the configuration on the filesystem, when doing a drush cim? 155
70 Varbase Carousels Module
This feature provides the base implementation for the carousels in your website. 10
71 Open Social Module
Updated January 17, 2017: beta9 release! #MadeWithD8 #Drupal8 - Follow @OpenSocialHQ for the latest updates. 24 449
72 Contacts Admin Theme Theme
This is an admin theme for the dashboard pages provided by the contacts module. 10
73 Corporation - Drupal Business Theme Theme
Corporation is new responsive Drupal website design for business and corporate websites. This Drupal business theme is very light and clean with modern look and suit perfectly for showcasing your work(like all our Drupal themes) . Responsive design and mobile friendliness makes theme ideal for surfing on the web from different devices - desktops, tablets and mobiles. Corporation includes slideshow with touch function, custom styled elements and working contact form that will help to stay in touch with your customers.Corporation Drupal business theme has a lot of customization options like social media integration, typography options (Google fonts integration), ability to insert your copyright, options for setting style for links, body and more. Corporation Drupal business theme is perfect choice for all companies, agencies, small and medium sized corporations. If you are looking for modern Drupal business theme to show your company don't miss Corporation Drupal business theme, you definitely will like it. 2 999
74 Media Sitemap Module
This module is normally used for creating the XML sitemap for all the images uploaded by media module. Normally it generates sitemap with information to provide the google regarding images on the website. 1 518
75 Drupal 8 migration (source) Module
This is an experimental Migrate source to import Data from a Drupal 8 site. 5
76 Better Search Block Module
With just a couple clicks you can change your boring Drupal search box into a nice looking search box with icon animations. 690
77 Node Access Grants Module
The Drupal node access grants system has been more or less unchanged since the beginning. However, with Drupal 8, we can and should start leveraging the OOP and service oriented architecture for things like this. 26
78 Entity Blocks Module
Display entities (via view modes) using fieldable blocks. 661
79 MD Fontello Module
Allow users to easily and conveniently use font imported from Fontello in their theme and module. 90
80 Better Exposed Filters Module
The Better Exposed Filters module replaces the Views' default single- or multi-select boxes with radio buttons or checkboxes, respectively. Description fields and Select All/None links can be added to exposed filters to make for a better user experience. 571 288
81 Yandex.Disk Module
An implementation of a WebDAV API of the Yandex.Disk cloud storage service and stream wrapper class to work with users Disks via filesystem functions. 954
82 Commerce PayPal Module
This project integrates PayPal into the Drupal Commerce payment and checkout systems. It currently supports off-site payment via PayPal Payments Standard (WPS) and PayPal Express Checkout (EC), off-site or on-site payment via PayPal Payments Advanced (PPA) and Payflow Link (PFL), and on-site credit card payment via PayPal Payments Pro (WPP). The PayPal WPS / EC integration supports PayPal's Instant Payment Notifications (IPNs) to react to authorizations, captures, voids, and refunds with full logging for testing and debugging. 145 092
83 Media Hero Slider Module
This app will populate the universal implementation of a "Hero Slider" to be used on the homepage in most cases. 8
84 Language Hierarchy Module
This module provides a GUI to change the language fallback system. This will allow you to setup language hierarchies where translations of a site's content, settings and interface can fall back to parent language translations, without ever falling back to English. It implements hook_language_fallback_candidates_alter(), without which translations from any available language are used as fallbacks, which is usually unexpected. 3 123
85 Uikitty - UIkit for Drupal 8 Theme
Faster and less bloated than Bootstrap. An amazingly lightweight and modular framework for developing fast and powerful web interfaces with Drupal 8.x 2 956
86 Diba carousel Module
This module creates a block carousel based on Bootstrap carousel functionality. The block is created programatically and is ready to use in 5 minutes, doesn't need views. 74
87 Diff Module
This module adds a tab for sufficiently permissioned users. The tab shows all revisions like standard Drupal but it also allows pretty viewing of all added/changed/deleted words between revisions. 1 576 285
88 BS Base Theme
Bootstrap 4 base semantic theme for theme developers. 7
89 DCAT Module
This module provides the possibility to integrate external DCAT providers and import the datasets those DCAT feeds offer. 52
90 Platinum - Uikitty Starter kit Theme
The all new Platinum! The perfect way to get started using Uikitty. Its responsive, fresh looking and super easy to work with once you get it set up. 442
91 Views Lazy Load Module
This module provides a views display extender that lazy loads the contents of a view via AJAX. When enabled the View is forced into AJAX mode which means additional pages are also loaded via AJAX. 2 486
92 Commerce WeChat Pay Module
This module provides the WeChat Pay integration for Drupal Commerce 2 on Drupal 8. This module is till under active development, please do not use it for production yet until a stable release. 6
93 Resource Hints Module
This module provides facilities for user agent resource hints. 45
94 ARCHITECT - A design savvy sub-theme for Uikitty Theme
ARCHITECT is an ongoing effort to create a unique, visually appealing theme that takes a new approach to navigation. We created the Architect with simplicity in mind and background images that allow architectural features(background photos) to stand out. 789
95 API Tokens Module
The API Tokens module provides an input filter that allows to replace custom parametric tokens with rendered content. Each declared token binds to its handler function, that returns content, token will be replaced with. Token may contain parameters that will be passed to its handler function. 6 068
96 Domain Lang Module
Domain Lang extends Domain Access module and add ability setup Language detection and selection for every available sub-domain. 490
97 Pending User Notification Block Module
This module is for sites that allow users to create an account, but require administrator approval for account activation. This module creates a block that shows a list of unactivated user accounts, with links to their account pages. This block is visible for anyone with 'administer users' permission, and will not be shown to any other users. 3 460
98 Jquery Colorpicker Module
This module creates a new Form API element type, jquery_colorpicker, as well as a Field API color field. This module relies on the 3rd party integration of the jquery colorpicker. 115 804
99 Letter Avatar Module
An avatar generator plugin for Avatar Kit. 543
100 OnePass Module platform with Drupal integration. 1Pass is a platform for single-article sales. 53