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2751 Higgs Module
This module tries to explain the weight of modules by introduce the higgs field to drupal. Therefore the module finds the spin of the particles by count_files / 2. 266
2752 Regions for Drupal 8 Module
A very simple module proposed for Drupal 8 to manage regions for the layout builder. 1 119
2753 Grid builder Module
Spinoff module from Layout module to manage grids in a generic way. It is so generic, it can be applicable to other use cases as well. 9 845
2754 Layout Module
Panels responsive layout builder included with the Spark distribution. 25 743
2755 Admin Icons Module
NOTE: This project was previously the module. 5 526
2756 Custom mouse pointer Module
This is really simple module that allow site admin to change view of mouse pointer on the site. 2 184
2757 World of Warcraft API Module
This module is a set of a base component and products to integrate with drupal core. The Blizzard Community Platform API enables communication with the RESTful APIs exposed through the World of Warcraft community site. 5 366
2758 Navigation Timing Module
Navigation timing is a W3C candidate recommendation implemented by browsers to expose timings about the lifespan of a webpage. 860
2759 Inline Module
Inline module allows users to display uploaded files and images inline, i.e. place links to files into a content using a simple [inline:filename.jpg] tag. The effect is a link to the file or the display of an image, depending on the file type. 34 197
2760 URL field Module
A lightweight URL field that is intended to be used as the basis for Drupal 8's URL field type in #501434: Move Link/URL field type into core. This can also easily be used to replace Drupal 6 profile URL fields. 65 997
2761 Date Module
This package contains both a flexible date/time field type Date field and a Date API that other modules can use. 4 009 159
2762 Libraries API Module
The common denominator for all Drupal modules/profiles/themes that integrate with external libraries. 3 884 288
2763 Close Block Module
Close Block - is a module which allows to add a "close" button to any block. 7 279
2764 Test Swarm Module
A module to do automated QUnit testing 3 305
2765 Chain Menu Access API Module
Chain Menu Access API is has no functionality on its own — install it only if another module requests it. 110 076
2766 Dashboard Module
The Dashboard module provides users with personalized dashboard pages similar to iGoogle or MyYahoo. Users can add widgets to their pages and arrange them through the use of a drag and drop interface. Administrators can create widgets through the use of blocks and nodes defined within the system. 38 987
2767 Internal Links Module
The Internal Links module, Intlinks, is a simple set (currently two) of input filters which modify the output of internal, root-relative links in any text input format for which they are enabled. The title filter allows you to have the node titles of linked content automatically inserted into the link as the HTML "title" attribute, with "node/123" -type href paths converted to URL aliases, too. It is especially useful for streamlining the editorial workflow and improving SEO. You can also use the "Hide bad" filter to "unlink" unpublished content so visitors don’t encounter "page not found" errors. 15 976
2768 Configuration Interchange and Management Module
CIM is the first contrib module that explores the possibilities in the new configuration system in Drupal 8. 564
2769 Breakpoints Module
Breakpoints management for responsive web design. 340 330
2770 Picture Module
This module is a backport of Drupal 8 Responsive Image module. It allows administrators to optimize images for different devices and resolutions by pairing image styles with CSS media queries. It is implemented as a display formatter for image fields. 153 115
2771 Profile 2 Module
Designed to be the successor of the core profile module, which is deprecated for Drupal 7. In contrast to the deprecated module this module provides a new, fieldable 'profile' entity - leverage the power of fields! 383 041
2772 Broken tests Module
Provides varyingly broken test classes for testing the test runner. See #1700682: attempts to run abstract/base test classes. 405
2773 LGP Module
Acronym of "Lazy Guinea Pig". 1 160
2774 Taxonomy Term Reference Sortable Widget Module
Module provide an sortable widget based on jQuery ui.sortable for selecting terms in a taxonomy term reference field. 3 176
2775 Responsive images and styles Module
This module solves the problems with images and responsive themes, it allows you to define multiple image style suffixes and their corresponding maximum width. 78 689
2776 xhtml Module
This module enables Drupal to deliver its valid XHTML with the application/xhtml+xml Content-Type. Drupal by default will deliver content as text/html, disabling certain aspects of XHTML support in many browsers. Enabling delivery as application/xhtml+xml both can help with module development by asking browsers to warn about markup errors and is the recommended way to deliver XHTML to user agents. 2 051
2777 Thank You Commenter Module
As the name says, a small and simple module which send a mail to a person who comments on nodes. You can choose from logged in users only or for anonymous users as well. We also plan to add settings per content type based. 1 661
2778 FontFolio Theme
This is a port to Drupal of FontFolio WordPress theme by Marios Lublinski. 41 701
2779 Async script shim Module
Rewrite asynchronous script tags to inline, old-browser-compatible scripts. 570
2780 Examples for Developers Module
Follow the Examples project on Twitter: 259 140
2781 Views Module
Views can do a lot more than that, but those are some of the obvious uses of Views. 8 819 893
2782 CloudMenu Module
CloudMenu is based on Cumulus but renders link clouds based on menus, not a taxonomy. The module can display any number of differently configured blocks, each with their own menu if need be. 5 806
2783 IP Ranges Module
IP Ranges is a module that let's you completely ban both single IP-addresses as well as full ranges from your site. The ban is triggered already at the early bootstrap phase, so you can get rid of unwanted visitors as early as possible without wasting server resources. 8 405
2784 Mail MIME Module
Provides a class for creating MIME messages. 38 707
2785 Emogrifier Module
Uses the emogrifier class library as an input filter to convert stylesheet rules to inline style attributes. This ensures proper display on email and mobile device readers that lack stylesheet support. 42 319
2786 Dynamic Persistent Menu Module
This module displays a horizontal menu in a block under which a submenu appears when an user hovers on an item. If the menu on the current page has a submenu, it's displayed by default, so this module degrades gracefully if Javascript is not present. 29 340
2787 Excluded Module
Allows user with the proper permission to list the files, CSS and/or JavaScript, that they do not want showing on the site. This module came out of my jQuery Mobile module and will be a dependency in the final version. 2 028
2788 HTML Mail Module
Lets you theme your messages the same way you theme the rest of your website. 225 899
2789 Echo Module
Wraps content in a themed webpage. 24 442
2790 litejazz Theme
LiteJazz is a GPL theme by RoopleTheme. It features 3 color styles, 12 fully collapsible regions, suckerfish menus, fluid or fixed widths, easy configuration, and more. To see LiteJazz in action, visit the LiteJazz demo site. 51 892
2791 Object Log Module
The Object Log module allows developers to store objects, arrays and other variables to a log table so that they may be inspected later. Multiple stored variables may be displayed side-by-side in the Object log under admin/reports. 5 122
2792 XHProf Module
This module allows you to profile your Drupal application using the XHProf profiler from facebook. 45 365
2793 Beale Street Theme
Beale Street is one of GPL theme by RoopleTheme. To see Beale Street in action, take a look at the Beale Street demo site, there is Beale Street for Drupal 5 and 6. 9 872
2794 WhiteJazz Theme
WhiteJazz is a theme for Drupal versions 5, 6, 7 and 8. The version 5 and 6 was created by RoopleTheme, this versions you can get at RoopleTheme website. 4 883
2795 Cache Graceful Module
Cache Graceful allows you to update cache in the background, without having to wait for it. 8 456
2796 Link Module
The link module provides a standard custom content field for links. With this module, links can be easily added to any content types and profiles and include advanced validating and different ways of storing internal or external links and URLs. It also supports additional link text title, site wide tokens for titles and title attributes, target attributes, css class attribution, static repeating values, input conversion, and many more. 2 453 277
2797 CacheTags Module
CacheTags is an experimental project to associate cache entries with metadata, which then enables developers to clear caches based on that metadata. 5 037
2798 Taxonomy Edge Module
Taxonomy Edge optimizes tree functions for taxonomies. It provides a transitive closure table data model for easily managing hierarchical terms. It was created to avoid recursive functions when fetching all children, and to avoid the not-quite-so-scalable memory footprint of taxonomy_get_tree(). 24 693
2799 Background Process Module


51 007
2800 Progress Module
This is an attempt to implement a generic framework for keeping track of any progress. 89 124