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301 Entity Reference Tab / Accordion Formatter Module
Simple Tab Field formatter for field types " entity_reference , entity_reference_revisions". So it will be available Paragraphs module as well. 234
302 Expand Link Formatter Module
The Expand Link Formatter adds a expand/collapse link to right text fields. Editors can insert a (configurable) separator element inline to decide where the break is gonna happen. The Expand Link Formatter does not make use of jQuery. 49
303 Da Vinci Theme
Download the development release, for a Christmas experience. 14 423
304 Commerce Stripe Module
This module integrates Stripe with Drupal Commerce, providing a tokenized payment gateway. Customers can make payments in your Drupal Commerce shop in a secure way without leaving your site. 24 039
305 Config partial export Module
Config partial export is a lightweight features-like module for developers. It is able to export to a tarball only modified configuration files shown in Configuration/Configuration management/Synchronize (/admin/config/development/configuration) tab. After enabling the module click on the Partial Export tab and select the files you want to export. In addition you can add to the list the file. After export you can copy the files from the tarball to your config/install folder in order to add them to your install profile and apply those changes on next install. 1 301
306 Appointment Calendar Module
Appointment Calendar is a simple form to set and create slots for booking in particular date. It provides a simple availability calendar to check availability of selected slot, i.e all available/booked slots can show in availability calendar. 2 974
307 Graph reference Module
This module allows you to create a mathematical graph of entities. 37
308 Block Widget Module
Widget is a block that can display other blocks using a layout. 50
309 Menu Trail By Path Module
Menu Trail By Path sets the active-trail on menu items according to the current url. 72 871
310 Entityqueue Module
A rewrite of Nodequeue for Drupal 7 based on entities. 51 633
311 Search Autocomplete Module
This module allows you to add autocomplete functionality to virtually any fields of a Drupal site. During the input, the field will be expanded and offers a list of suggestions before you start the search. By default, the module integrates with search forms from the Drupal core Search and Search Block. 64 077
312 Taxonomy terms menu Module
Taxonomy terms menu is a simple Drupal 8 module for creating menus with vocabularies. The module works with multilingual taxonomies, and comes with a Twig template, so you can customize html structure the way you want. If you are on one of the taxonomy term routes a corresponding menu item will get a class with a name 'active'. Adding menus is really simple - you just have to select a vocabulary and then add a block to the desired location. 0
313 External Links Module
External Links is a small module used to differentiate between internal and external links. Using jQuery, it will find all external links on a page and add an external icon indicating it will take you offsite or a mail icon for mailto: links. 396 303
314 Cog Theme
Cog is a developer-focused base theme and starterkit created by Acquia's Professional Service Front-end Team. It is intended as a minimalistic baseline for custom theming, while exposing common tools and workflows. Cog provides a small amount of code to get started, but is still packed with utilities to extend. 4 323
315 Redirect Module
Work in progress for a Drupal 7 integration and collaboration between redirection-type modules: 1 036 509
316 Simple Responsive Table Module
Module will be needy one to make table responsive in small screens. Lightweight in sense no need for additional plugins, just install that's it. 89
317 igbinary Module
Igbinary is a drop in replacement for the standard php serializer. Instead of time and space consuming textual representation, igbinary stores php data structures in compact binary form. Savings are significant when using memcached or similar memory based storages for serialized data. About 50% reduction in storage requirement can be expected. Specific number depends on your data. 34
318 Iframe Module
A custom field, which lets you add a complete iframe to your content types; including Src-URL, setting width and height, optionally a title above, and optionally a target attribute. 47 262
319 Link Attributes widget Module
Link attributes widget provides an additional widget for the link field found in Drupal core. 4 083
320 SAML Service Provider Module
The SAML SP module allows Drupal to function as a Service Provider. This means that users can authenticate to Drupal (without a username or password) via a SAML IDP (Identity Provider) that has been pre-registered with Drupal. 3 807
321 Panelizer Module
The Panelizer module allows you to attach Panels to any node in the system. It is similar to the panels_node module that ships with Panels, which provides a single node type that is a panel. Panelizer, however, allows this to work for many entity types. It works by using the Page Manager template to take over the page rendering of the node. In Panelizer 7.x-3.x, each view mode may also be panelized individually, with special view modes added for the old-style "Page Manager" page display. 372 484
322 Relation Module
Relation is an API module and storage model for both simple and the most complex relations between entities. The module can handle both directional and symmetrical relations very well. 230 144
323 Themers Little Helper Module
Some of the Filters and functions, backported from TFD7 theme engine and other things that can help a themer getting stuff done without to much hassle :) Other filters and functions are copied from other Twig extensions, mainly for our own convenience and to prevent from having to enable a lot of Twig extensions in a project. 317
324 CAS Module
This module provide single sign-on capability for your Drupal site by implementing the CAS protocol. CAS has quickly become the most popular single sign-on solution for universities. In its most simple use (CAS can also proxy single sign-on), a CAS server authenticates users and sends the user to the requested application (your Drupal site) with a special ticket. The application (your Drupal site) is then responsible for authenticating the ticket (behind the scenes, with a tool like cURL) and automatically logging the user in if the ticket is valid. 130 652
325 Demo Framework Distribution
The Demo Framework highlights powerful features created by the Drupal community and is intended to be used as a starterkit for promoting enterprise-ready Drupal solutions. 39 930
326 Share Message Module
This module provides share widgets (Share Messages), based on various share services listed below. It can be used as a block and provides a settings page where the share widget is highly configurable. Also the shared values are nicely configurable on the UI and tokens are supported for used values, making the shared values flexible and dynamic. 2 609
327 Zuora Module
Zuora API integration for Drupal. 539
328 Configuration Rewrite Module
Place any configuration .yml in your module's config/rewrite folder and declare config_rewrite a dependency to your module. Full and partial configuration changes are saved on installation. 1 532
329 Multiselect Module
The Multiselect module defines a widget to be used with CCK fields. It allows the user to select multiple items in an easy way. It consists of two lists, one of all available items, the other of selected items. The user can select an item by moving it from the unselected list to the selected list. This module relies on the built-in jQuery features of Drupal and does not require any additional modules other than the CCK module set (Drupal 7 version has no dependencies). 172 030
330 Coder Module
Coder checks your Drupal code against coding standards and other best practices. It can also fix coding standard violations for you with the phpcbf command from PHP_CodeSniffer, see the installation instructions and usage examples. Those checks apply to all versions of Drupal, so you can use Coder 8.x-2.x to check Drupal 7 code. 771 850
331 Extended Entity Access for Routes Module
Simplify per-bundle entity access checking for routes. Example: _entity_access: [:].. 104
332 Block Token Module
The Block Token module allows you to create the tokens for blocks on site. 1 061
333 Search Exclude (Node) Module
Exclude content types from node search for Drupal 8. 283
334 Options Table Module
Options Table module provides a Draggable Table widget as alternative to the core "Checkboxes / radio buttons" widget provided by options module. 188
335 Onomasticon Module
Onomasticon is a text filter to provide basic glossary functionality in Drupal 8 by using a designated vocabulary that contains all glossary terms. 141
336 Paragraphs Collection Module
337 Domain Access Module
Alpha7 has been released. It should be considered a major upgrade. See the detailed release notes regarding the upgrade. 232 298
338 Drupal driver for SQL Server and SQL Azure Module
Drupal 7 driver for Microsoft SQL Server database engines. 65 946
339 Social SimpleSharer Module
The first block is intended for full-sized, labeled "share" icons (e.g. Twitter "Tweet"). The second is for smaller icons. Either one can be styled however you like, but my initial need was to have icons in a "sticky menu" and other, larger icons in the masthead. 792
340 Bootstrap Toggle Module
Synopsis It provides a toggle widget for Boolean field type using bootstrap toggle library (For more information about the library visit this page: 73
341 Label Help Module
In normal rendering of Drupal form fields, the field's "description" (i.e., its help text) gets placed below the form's input element, which is not necessarily the most useful place to place it. On textarea form fields that enable multiple input formats, for example, the field's help text gets placed below the text format selector and tips. This means that website users are unlikely to notice and read the help text. 15 606
342 UEditor - 百度编辑器 Module
UEditor (百度编辑器) is Baidu web front-end R & D department developed WYSIWYG rich text web editor, with a lightweight, customizable, and focus on user experience and other characteristics, the open source BSD license, allowing free use and modify the code. 17 498
343 EMBridge Module
The EMBridge module extends the image management functionality of Drupal by connecting it to EnterMedia, an open-source digital asset management system distributed under the GNU General Public License, used to search, manage, reuse, and track all digital files. 3 299
344 UUID Condition Module
This module provides a Drupal 8 condition plugin that detects a current UUID in the page context. This condition is exposed on the block configuration page and is a better alternative to setting block visibility based on node ID paths. 536
345 Simple Currency Converter Module
Convert all the prices on your site to any currency for better user experience. 1 112
346 Bulk invite Module
Bulk invite many users by creating accounts given nothing but a list of e-mail addresses. 70
347 Trumba Module
This module provides a way to place Trumba calendar elements, referred to by Trumba as "spuds", on a panels/panelized page. Currently the module only provides Panels content types to place the spuds, so don't go looking for them in the blocks interface. I would accept a clean patch for the D7 version that implements blocks. We just don't currently have a need for that at the moment so I wouldn't have the time to work on that. 854
348 Cookie_Banner Module
This module allows a site to be compliant with EU directive on privacy and electronic communications. By displaying the banner on your site you will demonstrate that you are complying with the aforementioned directive, and information about your cookie policy will be readily available to users thanks to the sticky popup window at the bottom. 1 155
349 IP Language Negotiation Module
This modules uses the ip2country module for automatic country detection. It's add a Country language detection option at admin/config/regional/language/configure, which is used to redirect the user to the language of his country. 2 940
350 Sticky Module
Creating a sticky header or footer is now easy-peasy with the Sticky module. 52